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Balance of 3
Motion Graphics / 3D Art


Visual Eassy
The project explores the theme of life through the use of the number 3. Employing metaphors drawn from objects, characters from Greek mythology, and classic stories, the Balance of 3 depicts my life through a poetic lens.

Life takes the form of a pendulum with three balls, each representing the past, present, and future. In life, we encounter choices and restrictions. Choices manifest as three distinctive entrances, each leading to different stages of life. The restrictions are symbolized by the Three Fates.

Restrictions: The Three Fates

Concealed beneath a veil, the protagonist draws inspiration from three figures—Ophelia, Hebe, and Eleutheria—each symbolizing a distinct stage of life. These representations are woven into the narrative through three entrances. The central passage leads to Ophelia’s pond, evoking a sense of loss and solitude from the past.

The right entrance lies Eleutheria’s temple, where she breaks free from the past, seeking serenity in the future.

The left entrance, Hebe’s vanity symbolizes the present, where change happens. As the protagonist advances, the transformation of the vanity from fragile glass to resilient metal mirrors her journey toward strength and self-discovery.

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