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Blue and Violet

Sptaial Experience Design


A Nonlinear Theatrical Experience

Theater Expereince / Stage Design

Blue and Violet is a nonlinear theatrical experience. There are three simultaneous perspectives that allow viewers to select the characters’ POV to experience the story. The audiences’ participation creates different choices and affects the outcome of the narrative.

This is to expose the audience to a multiple perspective and participatory directed storytelling experience.

The story of Blue and Violet is inspired by the classic story Bluebeard with additional reference from greek mythology. The project is part of my thesis which is Reflective, Refractive, Iridescent: Multifaceted Storytelling Through Spatial Experience.

︎︎︎ Full Experience Video (5min)


Spatial Design

Box Office / Experience Entrance

Theater / Garden Entrance


Reflective Storyline: Poppy Greenhouse

Refractive Storyline: Poppy Greenhouse

Iridescent Storyline: Lily Greenhouse

Blue House Entrance




Reflective Storyline: Darkroom

Reflective Storyline: Lab

Plan / Section Drawing

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