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Vespa Cafe: Aeropittura

Sptaial Experience Design


Live the Colorful Life
Brand Experience Cafe

Cafe Aeropittura is a spatial experience proposal for the Italian scooter brand Vespa. Vespa as a brand embodies the idea of freedom, youth, and living the colorful life. Inspired by Italian Futurism, I wanted this space to be a memorable experience. Though the idea of immersing oneself in an Italian Futurism painting. I wanted to create a spatial experience that evokes excitement through dynamic forms and colors. The excitement I am trying to spark is similar to when the Italian Futurists expressed excitement towards technology and urbanization in the 1900s. 

Vespa was founded after WW2, in 1946. The scooter was a symbol of freedom and adventure. That is when I made the connection between the brand and the second generation Italian Futurism, Aeropittura, which means air painting. Aeropittura paintings expressed the excitement of technology and flight.

The brand has been an advocate for youth and youth culture. The design concept for this cafe is Italian Futurism 2.0. For the young and energetic Italian Futurists, expressing their excitement towards new technology and flight with dynamic shapes and colors might have been them living the colorful life. Imagining what that would be in the 21st century is what this experience is about, to make the young demographic excited about Vespa.

1. First Encounter:

The spatial experience would start from either the flyer or brochure from the Italian Futurism Exhibition sponsored by Vespa that is going on at LACMA. The QR code on the prints will lead to the Vespa cafe social media page.

2. Facade & Patio:

The dynamic facade welcomes the visitors.

Material Palette

3. Entrance & Barista Area:

Visitors will see a menu panel with a QR code at the bottom. The QR code will activate an app that helps enhance the visitors' experience with an activity.

First-comers can enjoy a scavenger hunt. By scanning four QR codes throughout the space visitors can learn about the brand and earn points to get a souvenir.

4. Landscape Seating Area:

Once getting drinks visitors will enter the Landscape Seating Area. This area has 3 different structural seatings that is placed in an open space.

5. Vespa Display:

One of the Seating structure has a vintage Vespa displayed. There is an information panel about the Vespa scooter and on the top a QR code which is part of the scavenger hunt.

6. Back Wall:

The back wall is another crown jewel for the spatial experience. Each panel has information related to the brand and the cafe experience. The graphic strategy for the space is that every graphic element is integrated onto curved surfaces.

7. Scavenger Hunt Complete:

Once the visitor completes the scavenger hunt they will get a notification that they can claim their prize from the counter. The souvenir is a keychain that represents a piece of the sculptural element of the space.

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